Adapting your recipes at home for healthy cooking

Most of the foods or meals can easily be adapted to change proportions or reduce fat and sugars and can taste delicious. Your taste buds will adapt over time.

Here are some ideas you could try at home:

  • Try and grill, steam, bake, poach, boil , dry roast and brush with little milk or bake or even microwave instead of frying,

  • Dry fry mince in non-stick pan and drain the fat off at the end of cooking before you add tomato sauce and your herbs and spices,

  • Using a non-stick pan can help minimise the use of any oil or fat in your cooking,

  • Use 1 tbsp. of oil only for a family of four e.g. in curries when cooking and skim any fat that rises,

  • Oven bake thick cut of potato wedges instead of frying chips,

  • For desserts use stewed fruit or fruit crumble with less sugar,

  • Do not overcook fresh or frozen vegetables, use little water and keep them crisp. Try making them in a microwave or steamer,

  • Pulses are a great way to cut down the amount of meat e.g. chick peas in a chicken (with the skin removed) curry, lentils in soup, casserole or stew, kidney beans in chilli concarne,

  • Tinned fruit in juice can be served with diet yoghurt or Fromage frais or low sugar custard or plain ice-cream as a great quick dessert,

  • Milk puddings with rice tapioca or sago or custards can be made with low fat skimmed milk and less sugar

  • Oats cereals can be a great topping for fruit crumble or for home- made flap jacks,

  • ·Homemade salads can be made with a variety of fruits or fresh vegetables to get your family to eat more fruit and vegetables,

  • Homemade trifle can be made with low sugar jelly, low fat custards , tinned fruit in own juice and light cream topping or Fromage frais,

  • Meringues can be topped with fresh fruit and low fat Fromage frais,

  • When baking ,try and use wholemeal flour as much as possible and add less sugar and add fresh or stewed or dried fruit to sweeten instead e.g. fruit cake, fruit scone

Food is for pleasure and healthy cooking can make food tasty and look good.

For Specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer

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