Food and lifestyle changes to delay Dementia

A healthy Mediterranean-diet, low in alcohol together with lifestyle changes such as not smoking, getting enough sleep, doing regular exercise, keeping your mind stimulated , managing your stress and having an active social life can reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Daily mail quotes -"Living a healthy lifestyle could delay dementia by up to 12 years"

• "Landmark UK study tracked the lives of 2,500 men for 35 years

• Researchers asked men to follow a five-step healthy living plan

• They were urged to take regular exercise, not smoke, maintain a healthy weight, eat a good diet and have a low alcohol intake

• Study, which started in South Wales in 1979, is longest of its kind to examine the influence of environmental factors in chronic disease

• Found dementia could be delayed by 12 years and heart disease by 6"

"The six pillars of a brain-healthy lifestyle that you can influence are quoted by for alzheimers-dementia prevention. :

Regular exercise- This reduces stress improves mood, memory and increases your energy levels. Aim 30 min walking five times a week with a combination of aerobics and strength training. Try yoga, tai Chi, balance balls or discs. Make it a regular habit to induce feel good endorphins.

Avoid activities that could injure your head e. g boxing, wear helmet whilst cycling, and reduce the use of mobile.

Healthy diet- follow a Mediterranean diet avoid saturated and Tran s fats, plenty of omega 3 fat from salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, and sardines. You can also supplement with fish oil. Avoid refined sugars and have regular meals to regulate your blood glucose Use wholegrain cereals and bread. Have fruit & vegetables rich in antioxidant vitamins .Daily servings of berries and green leafy vegetables should be part of your brain-protective regimen. Regular consumption of green tea may enhance memory and mental alertness and slow brain aging.

Folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium, and fish oil are believed to preserve and improve brain health. Studies of vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, coenzyme Q10, and turmeric have yielded less conclusive results, but may also be beneficial in the prevention or Delay of Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms.

Mental stimulation- learn something, memorize, Play games puzzles and riddles. Keep a “Who, What, Where, When, and Why” list of your daily experiences.

Quality sleep- establish a regular sleep pattern, set the mood before bed time

Stress management- practise breathing, relaxation and creating inner peace with prayer or meditation

An active social life- volunteering, enjoying group classes or regular meetings with friends, try something new.

The more you strengthen each of the six pillars in your daily life, the healthier and hardier your brain will be. When you lead a brain-healthy lifestyle, your brain will stay working stronger…longer."

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For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer

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