Spring clean your food store cupboard start buying healthy food


Compared to meals out, family meals can have less fat, sugar, calories with more fruit and vegetables.

As we are all home keeping a safe distance to reduce the spread of covid 19 virus ,perhaps its time to think of what food we can store and eat healthy. We dont need to bulk buy and we need to consider others too but we can do however is plan our store cupboards and store food that may have a longer shelf life and be convenient during emergencies.


So here's a list of some store cupboard ideas for you to keep to prepare quick and easy meals:


Whole grains


·         Brown rice

·         Whole meal plain flour , self-raising flour

·         Wholegrain cereals, instant porridge oats

·         Whole wheat pasta

·         Quinoa

·         Barley

·         Bulgur

·         Couscous


Meals rich in whole grains can be filling reducing risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease


Healthy oils


·         Extra virgin olive oil

·         Canola oil

·         Sesame seed oil

·         Rapeseed oil


 These oils are great for baking, salad dressings and sauté. Use sparingly as these can raise the calories of your meal.


Canned food


·         Pulses in water e.g. chick peas, kidney beans, butter beans and lentils great for soups stews, casserole, added to meat dishes to make it go further

·         Fruit in own juice great for snack or dessert 

·         Vegetables in water e.g. tomatoes sweetcorn, potato , peas great to add in casseroles, bolognaise 

·         Low calorie soups - look for low salt versions 


Dried herbs and spices


·         Cloves

·         Mint

·         Oregano

·         Cinnamon

·         Tumeric

·         Cumin

·         Coriander

·         Basil

·         Sage

·         Rosemary


The list is great. A brilliant way to flavour your food, as an alternative to salt, sugar and fat. Rich in antioxidants and as well great for flavour and delicious aroma.



Condiments and stocks

·         Stock cubes look for low sodium or low salt versions

·         Vinegar great in salads or simply for  flavour

·         Soya sauce look for low salt versions

·         Mustard


Dried fruit and nuts and seeds


·         Dates- added on cereal, cakes, 4-5 as snack

·         Figs- great as snack

·         Sultanas and raisins- in cake, top of cereals

·         Mixed packet of dried fruit

·         Pistachios in shell

·         Popcorn to make as instant home-made family snack

·         Unsalted dry roasted almonds

·         Sesame seeds , linseed  great toppers on cereal, in                      stews/casseroles/curry dishes


Herbal teas, cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder great when you need a warm soothing drink and for emergency. 


Always remember to check the expiry dates of all your store cupboard items and place the ones with shortest sell by date in the front so it can be used first.

On my private dietitian face book page I will show you just who you can use some of these food items to make some tasty home cooked meals.



For Specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer  




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