Benefits of low Glycaemic index food

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Carbohydrates come in different physical forms and some are healthier than others.

Slow release’ or low GI carbs have been shown to help stabilize blood glucose levels and this is particularly helpful in diabetes. The amount you eat is also important and all low GI foods aren’t necessarily good for you. In general, filling lower GI foods such as beans, peas, lentils, porridge, muesli, fruit and vegetables are good choices and can help you to manage your weight and keep to an overall healthy eating plan.

Lower GI foods can help you to manage your weight if they are eaten as part of a calorie-controlled diet combined with regular physical activity.

Foods with a high GI are not necessarily bad foods. For example potato crisps have a medium GI but a baked potato has a high GI. Despite this, a baked potato is better for your health than potato crisps, which are higher in fat and salt. And all lower GI foods are not necessarily healthy – chocolate and ice cream have a low to medium GI rating. So, the key is to use GI in the context of balance and healthy eating.

Food that are low in GI:

  • Bread Multigrain, granary, rye, seeded, wholegrain, oat, pitta bread and chapatti

  • Potatoes New potatoes in their skins, sweet potato and yam

  • Pasta All pasta, cook until al dente and noodles

  • Rice Basmati rice, long grain and brown rice

  • Other grains Bulgur wheat, barley, couscous and quinoa

  • Breakfast cereals Porridge, muesli,

  • most oat and bran-based cereals

  • Beans,peas, lentils

  • fruit and vegetables

For Specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer

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