Junk food how much is too much?



Junk food refers to food that has lots of calories but little nutritional value. They are less filling, will make you want eat more, tends to want you to replace other nutritious food, low in fiber, taste good, high in fat ,salt and sugar, addictive and easy to manage.

Examples include:

Fizzy drinks which could mean you are drinking less water


Sweet biscuits


Candy bars


Takeaway food like hamburger and hot dogs

Sweet lollies

High sugar refined breakfast cereals/cereal bars


How much is too much? Ask yourself these simple questions.


1.  Are you eating the above foods instead of meals and have less fruit & vegetables?

2.  Do you eat the above food in front of the TV and want to snack constantly when some junk food ad comes on?

3.  Are you never satisfied and still hungry after eating the above food?

4.  Are you gaining too much weight?

5.  Are you always thirsty for sweet fizzy drinks?


If the answer was yes to all or some of the above questions then you are probably having too much junk food,


Why not try my following tips to reduce your intake of junk food? :


>Have fixed meal and snack times e.g. have meals every 4 hours, 

>Aim balanced healthy meals and introduce fruit at snack time,

>Start to drink more water. Target 8 cups of fluids/day 4 cups can be water (250 ml/cup),

>Junk food can be taken occasional/in small quantity after a healthy homemade meal,

>Choose healthier options when eating out e.g. pizza with more vegetable topping, whole grain bread sandwich with salad and lean protein/low fat cheese, fish or vegetable burger,

>For snacks try homemade popcorn, nuts, healthy whole grain cereal low in sugar, fresh fruit or tinned fruit in juice, low sugar/sugar free ice lollies, diet yoghurt, low sugar/sugar free jellies, sugar free sweets or chew sugar free gum if it's not hunger but a craving that just comes on fast,

>Gradually reduce your intake of junk food by setting yourself simple goals e.g If you find you can't stop eating and are not satisfied try to drink water first and see if the feeling goes after 15-30 minutes or have junk free days.

>Recording on a diary everything you eat and drink for a week to check when you tend to eat junk food can help manage healthier options at those times. e. g if you notice you tend to snack on junk in front of TV or with friends then why not take water and fruit before you sit down in front of TV or meet friends. Better still switch TV off especially if it's meal time.





For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer








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