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Food affairs

Private Dietitian Nutritionist UK

Affairs are usually not good for us. They are temporary, quick fix, appear attractive, pamper to your weaknesses, addiction and can be costly. Why not make a more permanent change with your food and lifestyle by having a healthy marriage with food. Which means a long term healthy ,loving happy union with variety, enjoyment and occasional unhealthy within safe rules and boundaries.

10 reasons Why you may have food affairs by following Fad diets?;

> Quick solutions

>You think it will raise your self-esteem

>Very attractive package with role model or celebrity endorsed

> Doesn't appear boring

>Alluring you by guarantee success and taking away your control

>Offers false hope, often not evidence based

>Appears Believable

>You are happy to pay any price because you are desperate

>Allows you to cheat and therefore takes away guilt

>Tempting you with meal shakes or replacements, snacks or devices where you have to make least effort

Why do food affairs tend to always go wrong in the long-term?

>Can trigger side effects e. g dehydration, dizzy, headaches, lack of concentration, bad breath, difficulty sleeping ,irritable, nausea, constipation

>Food choices may not be balanced often missing food groups containing carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals in the right portion. Dietary supplements may be needed

>Time consuming

> Expensive

>Boring lacking variety

> You are not in control so no choice

> Evidence poor in long-term benefits

10 reasons why you should always choose healthy eating and introduce regular activity:

>Slow but steady improvement in your health, evidence is strong for long-term results

>Feel secure in knowing your choice

>Feel less guilty

>No added cost the whole family can join by eating healthy

>Life-time commitment with no long-term health risks

>Evidence based

>Encourages a healthy relationship with food, no lies, no cheating

>It's Variety avoids boredom

>Balanced approach offers no side effects, sleep better, stay hydrated and feel happier

>No confused message. Have regular healthy balanced meals, healthy snacks, drink adequate daily low calorie fluids especially water, less added sugar, less total fats, increase wholegrain , fruit and vegetables , limit alcohol and have less salt with regular daily activity.

For Specialized Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer

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