Recognize and manage your relapse.



Slipping back to your old eating habits when you are trying to lose weight is defined as a relapse. This can make you lose your confidence and undermine all your hard work... Thing to remember is that this a normal part of learning and behaviour change. So just take some time out and stop and think how you can prevent same thing happening again.

Questions you can ask yourself?


  • What worked well for me before?

  • Why did it work?

  • What were my reasons for stopping this plan or approach?

  • What did not work for me and why?


Some common causes of relapse:


  • Family and time pressure

  • Less active or changing a job

  • Comfort eating

  • Social pressures like a new routine or holiday or Christmas time or special occasions

  • Living alone 

  • Feeling sad or bored or stressed

How can you cope? Here are some tips:


  • Seek support from a family member or a friend and make to do list where you can introduce good eating and lifestyle habits

  • Walk at lunch time with a work colleague

  • Walk or cycle to work

  • Take a healthy snack and drink in your car to work

  • Make or buy a healthy sandwich instead of having a takeaway or pastries

  • Identify your feelings-bored or stressed or sad or angry

  • Think of an alternative way to cope e.g. keeping busy, talk to someone or exercise away your tension

  • Write a diary to see if you over eat at particular times

  • When out where possible opt for healthy options and have less healthy less often

  • Watch your alcohol intake and introduce low calorie or mixer drinks

  • Read food labels and always choose low fat and low sugar options

  • Have regular meals and do not skip breakfast

2 questions you can ask yourself:


  1. What are my high risk situations for relapse?

  2. Ways I can avoid relapsing in these situations.


Most of all


  • Stay positive

  • Think about what works and what doesn't work for you

  • Next time do things differently

  • Recognise your triggers for relapse by writing a food, emotion. Time and week day diary

  • Finally do things that make you feel good to reward yourself when you are successful

  • E.g. reading a good book/magazine/newspaper, spending time with your kids/family/friends, dancing, walking the dog, warm bath, gardening or go for a swim and sauna.

  • The more you reward your Good behaviour with non-food the more likely you’re to avoid relapsing and succeed in your future weight loss plans.

  • It's always a good idea to have clearly displayed your reasons to succeed, your long term and short term goals.


 Reference -


For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer


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