Energy drinks what are their physical and mental effects on your body?

Don't be fooled by their benefits!

Energy drinks aim to provide energy from glucose to improve your concentration, help you feel less tired.

They contain caffeine to aid fatigue and energy metabolism. Their consumption is growing especially in the young .

Calorie content of some 250 ml energy drinks:

Energy drink BPM Hydrate:-156 calories

Red Bull:-113 calories

Monster/Relentless:- 111 calories

Lucozade :- 189 calories

Cola:- 107 calories

Sugar free or diet versions may contain less calories using sweeteners but still contain high levels of caffeine

In fact their physical and mental effects may do exactly the opposite.

Here are some of the physical effects to your body- all caffeine related:

  1. Increase blood pressure

  2. Cause sleep problems

  3. Increase Stomach aches

  4. Increase Hyperactivity

  5. More injury

  6. Increase in sedentary behaviour

  7. Increase in diabetes and obesity

  8. Caffeine can stimulate loose stools and suppress appetite and promote unhealthy fast weight loss

  9. Reduce body calcium uptake and encourage you to drink less milk

  10. Abnormal heart rhythms

Here are some of the mental effects to your body:

  1. Increase in Insomnia

  2. Increase in self-destructive behavior

  3. Alteration in the reward and addiction center of the brain

  4. Increase in alcohol binge drinking

  5. Increase in Poor diet and lifestyle choices

  6. Increase in Sensation seeking

Energy drinks have more negative than positive outcome.

Best drinks to hydrate as part of balanced healthy eating and drinking is to have water (free), 1 glass of fresh fruit juice (150 ml )with a meal per day and low fat milk on your cereal or to drink and herbal teas

So my advice to you is slowly reduce the consumption of energy drinks and let your body adjust to getting energy from nourishing food and healthy drinks instead.

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For Specialized Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer

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