Be wise with food wastage and save cost

Eating at home ,having emergency food stocked with non-perishable foods and frozen can be a big help when you are limited with going out because of Corona virus pandemic. Planning and being creative with left overs is the key to achieving a healthy well balanced diet with just a few basic items. freezer foods and non-perishable items can used for longer within 2-3 months.

Here are some useful food items to have access to:

  1. Dried fruits e.g raisins, dates, apricots

  2. Low salt canned soups

  3. Frozen, canned fruit and vegetables without added salt or sugar

  4. Boxed or frozen juice

  5. Freeze wholegrain bread, rolls, muffins

  6. Crackers, bread sticks, melba toast

  7. Rice white or brown

  8. Couscous, millet or quinoa

  9. Wholegrain pasta

  10. Cereals e.g porridge, Weetabix preferably whole grains

  11. wholemeal Flour and biscuit mixes

  12. Dried skimmed milk powder

  13. Canned evaporated milk-use sparingly as it can be high in fat and sugar

  14. UHT milk, unsweetened fortified milk alternatives e.g soya, almond

  15. Canned fish lower in salt e.g salmon, tuna, sardines, pilchards

  16. Canned beans and lentils in water -great as meat alternatives or add in stews and chili or with rice or pasta

  17. Peanut butter

  18. Mixed fruit and nuts or nuts mix

  19. Plain frozen meats or chicken or fish

  20. Frozen meals with more vegetables and less salt

  21. Tea /coffee/herbal teas

  22. Sugar used sparingly

Be wise don't waste and portion size

Using left overs when cooking can make meals last longer and minimize any waste along with portion size your meal.

Key is planning and simply becoming more creative with left overs using the eat well balanced plate guide as below:

Being wise with left overs

  • Add to stir fry

  • Add to curries

  • Add to Casserole

  • Add to home made soups

  • Add to salads

  • Use left over soups as sauces, gravies and in casserole

  • Marinade left over vegetables in olive oil, vinegar/lemon juice and spices /herbs or add them to salads. Use left over vegetables as toppings of Omelette, in soups, curries, lasagne, quiche, in wraps and casseroles

  • Topping can be left over pasta, potatoes, chapatti, pitta breads

  • Cut up fruit can be great as topping on toast/cereal/pancakes/waffles/yoghurt/cottage cheese

  • Over ripe bananas or any ripe fruits can be use as low fat milk shake/baked as banana or fruit cake/on top of toast

  • Over ripe fruit can be used to make home made chutneys/fruity sauces e.g apple sauce/fruit crumbles desert

  • Left over pasta/rice can be added to salads/soups/puddings/casseroles

  • Left over tortillas or pita can turned into mini pizzas using low salt tomato sauce and your favourite toppings

  • Dried breads can be crumbled and used to coat fish/chicken or simple a topping. Dried bread can used to make bread and butter pudding or crouton for salads or top of soup

  • Meats can go further using beans or lentils in chilli or curry or casseroles

  • Left over meats can be reused in stir fry , soups, sandwiches or wraps or salads

  • Meats can be turned into potato pies , burgers, left over fish into fish cakes

Remember left overs can spoil quickly so refrigerate and eat with 2-3 days or simply freeze for another day and used with 2-3 months. Label them with date to remind yourself

Once thawed in fridge eat left over straight away. Heat food thoroughly and if necessary check with thermometer to at least 165 Degree F or

74 degree C. Bring food to boil before eat them when cooled

ONLY reheat left over once . Do not refreeze .

Reference adapted from PEN

For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer

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