Reduce your screen time and start to HEAL

If you want to reduce your chances of developing:

· obesity

· coronary heart disease

· high blood pressure

· stroke

· type 2 diabetes

· liver disease

· osteoarthritis

· some cancers, such as bowel and breast cancer

The new nice guidance says :

All weight management services the health professionals to:

  • Support everyone to maintain a healthy weight or prevent excess weight gain

  • Focus on both physical activity and dietary habits

  • Encourage physical activity habits that increase energy expenditure

  • Encourage dietary habits that reduce the risk of excess energy intake

  • Encourage adults to limit the amount of alcohol they drink

  • Address misconceptions about behaviours that may influence weight

  • Encourage self-monitoring

  • Provide sources of information and support

Aim for you the public to HEAL Healthy eating and living :

  • Eat healthy and be active if you are a healthy weight to maintain weight

  • You don't have to gain weight as you get older- by eating healthy, less energy dense and more nutrient rich food and keeping active you can avoid this

  • Avoiding carbohydrates may not be accompanied by improvement in health

  • There is no one single cure, it's a lifestyle change with healthy food, exercise and behaviour change

  • Change the habit that maybe contributing to your weight gain. Change happens through time

  • Value for money cheaper and eating healthy is possible -see page on value for money ideas

  • All foods and drinks contain calories even the healthy food, except water. Nutritious calories not having empty calories with food high in free sugars and fats is the key

  • Try watching TV or screen time < 2hours a day or every other day. If you are having some screen time remember avoid empty high calorie hands reach snacks. keep a low calorie drink nearby and enjoy.

  • Active breaks for all in the family is good whether at school, home or work

  • This advice focuses on the message of "prevention is better than cure"

  • Join my groups if your BMI>27 " Team up to HEAL" on microsoft teams- see home page for the success stories

  • If you have been following my previous blogs, you will know that looking at your food intake, exercise by less screen time and your behaviour around food is the only way to achieve the above message.

My next blog will be on many different ways you can self -monitor.

For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer


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