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Offering you virtual :

  • Free Value for money healthy food ideas

  • Free Healthy and festive recipes  in gallery

  • Free Local events on private dietitian wales face book- Promoting vegetarian meals 

  • Free Regular weekly blogs-  "Benefits of a meat free day"

  • Watch out for monthly affirmation post below. Twelve in a year. Affirmations are great to raise your self -esteem, so practice saying them every day.
  • If you are a women and want to discuss women's health and family issues with others then why not join my new mum's chat line on face book where I can offer you free initial nutrition advice. Click on the links below to like and follow me 
  • Regular online clinic by appointments, corporate service , online group education and nursing home online patient education
For specialized Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist.  Dietitians are  the  A D T team, gold standard health professionals that Assess Diagnose and Treat your diet and nutrition problems. 
private dietitian wales

private dietitian wales 

mums chat line

Dietitian Nutritionist
Highly experienced Dietitian Nutritionist working over 30 years in the N H S. Graduated with
B S C in Nutrition & Dietetics 1988 with further post graduate qualifications in teaching and nutritional needs of children. Specializing in Community Dietetics & Nutrition and Education. Member of the B D A, Freelance Dietitians and H C P C registered.

Known for a friendly personality that puts patients, from varied background and cultures, at ease. My advice is Patient centred.

My goal is to engage with you and help  you address your health issues:

  • To show you how eating healthy can be fun cheap and good for your health, 

  • Share my knowledge on specialized diets,

  • I do not promote any one brand but encourage food industry to sell products that are good for health,

  • I love to teach in a group and cause a ripple effect,

  • I'm not here to judge you but work in partnership evoking new possibilities for you. 

  • I can help you find your inner motivation to stay committed to your goals.

I am compassionate, a good listener and a registered health care professional who cares for your health. I have a constant drive to seek improvements in the service provided and actively pursue feedback through structured evaluation on effectiveness to support you. I attend training courses within the N H S and privately to keep up-to-date with the latest research information on Nutrition and Dietetics and share this with you.




Dietitian Nutritionist

Lose the wait in the N H S and see Private Dietitian Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer within a day!

Offering Personal Professional Nutrition and Dietary advice for adults >18 years of age on:

  • Weight Loss - Lose the wait in N H S and Start to lose weight your goals your pace.

  • Cholesterol lowering- certified in the ultimate cholesterol lowering Plan Heart UK.

  • Type 2 diabetes-weight loss, poor blood glucose control and poor appetite

  • Bowel Problems-constipation, diverticulitis, hiatus hernia, irritable bowel,

  • Gastric ulcer, Reflux, inflammatory bowel, bowel cancer, Coeliac disease.

  • Behaviour change around food, food and mood

  • Healthy Eating advice for you and your family immunity

  • Healthy South Asian food

  • Food and exercise

  • Weight gain and Improve appetite

  • Weight loss /cholesterol lowering/prediabetes group of 5 per session

  • Corporate  individual or seen in group 

  • Healthy Cooking demonstrations groups 

  • Nursing homes Patients seen in group or individual



* Self or doctor or health insurance referrals accepted B U P A and A X A P P P


*Offering you Private consultation from the comfort of your home on Skype/Microsoft teams

 Once self isolation is lifted at Spring health club clinic, Coldra court Hotel, By Celtic Manor, Newport. NP 18 2 L X


* Your information is safe. Covered for data protection under the information commissioner's office http://ico.org.uk. I am DBS checked- disclosure and barring service.


*  Initial appointment takes one hour -Fee depending on your needs £ 70-£100. 

BUY NOW YOUR GIFT VOUCHER set £140 for 3 x 30 minutes follow-up appointments, with the support of your local Dietitian, the healthy way. Appointments on-line -Skype clinic or microsoft teams. Free on-going phone call support available 


*If you would like a personalized copy of your detailed nutrition intake assessment using the nutritic program and follow that with dietary advice to improve your Nutrition status, from a state registered Dietitian, then call me Tel: 07551910919 or free connect Skype on line available under Tabassum kabeer to book your appointment. 


on-line dietitian nutrtionist

Using Skype and microsoft Teams to link with you from the comfort of your home

DietitianNutritionist Wales weight loss,diabetes,weight gain,poor appetitie,ethnic diets,bowel problems,irritable bowel,emotional eating,group sessions, cookery demos, corporate clinics,home visits via G.p referral,healthy eating ,high cholesterol

Hurry and make your appointment now!

Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with help and support of Tabby Kabeer Professional Dietitian & Nutritionist. 
Dietitian Nutritionist  weight loss,diabetes,weight gain,poor appetite,ethnic diets,bowel problems, irritable bowel, emoyional eating,group sessions, cookery demos,corporate clinics,home visits via G.p referral, healthy eating ,high cholesterol
welcome to weight management service
welcome to weight management service

your goals your pace your weight

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Describe your image

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Describe your image

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welcome to weight management service
welcome to weight management service

your goals your pace your weight

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Prevention is cheaper than cure

  Watch out for my monthly affirmation
Your July 2022 affirmations
You must say it daily and believe in the affirmation : 
"My self-esteem does not depend on the approval others "

Your weight is in your own hands!  Easy tips to remember:

  • Have regular balanced, four hourly meals (four fingers), thumb to remember daily fluids intake!

  • For portion guide : use palm for amount of protein  , hands cupped together for amount of fruit & vegetable portion size (five fingers for 5/day) and fist for amount of wholegrain starchy food,

  • Four tips to eat healthy try: less fat replace some with healthy monounsaturated fat e. g from olive oil  and avocado , less added sugar, high in fibre foods and less salt (four fingers) , thumb to reduce alcohol intake!

  • Like your first two fingers do the walking you too can start walking 30 minutes five times per week.

  • These simple tips will help you begin your new journey to weight loss. No more stress counting calories, spending money on quick weight loss programs. Your hands go everywhere with you and are with you for life, easy way to remember and enjoy your food.

  • For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer

Here’s me on BBC wales  TV “Dirty Vegan” 14.1.19 7.30 pm

Making a small contribution on BBC 1 wales last Friday 17.1.20 on "Dirty vegan" .

Eating vegan and making wise choices to avoid nutritional deficiencies eg iron , vitamin B12, calcium , zinc , selenium ,iodine ,vitamin D is important and ensuring adequate energy from sustainable wholegrain carbs and healthy fats and protein to get all essential amino acids can be done with care and advice from your professional Dietitian . Vegan diet can be healthy , vegan alternative to provide calcium is possible, it can be suitable for children , vegan food can provide you plenty of sustainable energy and be filling and don’t have to be boring

Health benefits :

Lower blood cholesterol

High in anti oxidants

High in Phyto chemicals

Lower risk of heart disease, some cancers ,high blood pressure,diabetes, constipation , Diverticula disease ,gout and obesity.

Getting your essential fatty acids from omega 3 fats in seeds , nuts or beans when used with polyunsaturated /Monounsaturated fats eg : sunflower,safflower, flax seed oil,rapeseed oil is a great alternative.

Look at my video on going safely vegetarian on private dietitian wales face book page 

Tel : 07551910919

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