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Problems eating your fruit and vegetables?

Tasting new fruit and vegetables

If you find it hard to try new fruit and vegetables why not try using a new psychological technique called EXPOSURE which is recommended for young children in the national MEND programme. Exposure means getting to try a new food 10-15 times before you actually start to eat more of it.

Steps of exposure technique:

  • select a new type of fruit or vegetable that you want to try to start eating, cut the food into small bite size pieces,

  • Then hold the food, look at the colour, shape, texture, smell it, lick it and place it in your mouth, don't worry if you don't eat it first time. You may need try the same fruit or vegetable few times before you become familiar with the taste and you actually want to bite and eat it.

  • You can try this technique with your friends who may not like fruit and vegetables too and share trying a new food each week. Chart how many attempts you make and never give up. If at first you do not succeed try try again.

  • Rewarding yourself is also important once you are successful. E. g warm bath, having your hair and nail done.

  • For specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer


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