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My Ramadan reflection

Here's a ten good habits that I am aware of during Ramadan fasting:

1.I learnt to eat mindfully- sitting with family/friends, chewing well, eating slowly, being grateful and aware of every mouthful because when i ate fast i suffered with indigestion and heartburn.

2.I planned my meals to help me stay in control and look forward to breaking iftar and beginning sehri my fast,

3.Eat healthy filling foods which were high in dietary fibre and low in fat and free sugars to avoid developing constipation and weight gain

4. I appreciated and enjoyed every mouthful of food and knew just how much to eat and stop when I felt satisfied. Be aware of my limits and emotions ,

5.I drank enough fluids to keep myself hydrated,

6. I kept active by planning when to exercise. During the early fast , I use to attend gym just before iftar but found this too difficult so I went for walk with my family instead

7.Eating with family and friends brought me closer and I felt happier and stronger emotionally. Unfortunately Iftar gatherings with friends are replaced with family at home or if self isolating perfect time for connecting via mobile phone.

8.Raised my spirituality with regular prayers. This allowed me to become more self aware , become more accountable for my actions, words and continue to be more charitable and kind. Fasting heightened my consciousness and I learnt restraint.

9.I kept occupied with my normal house work duties and helping others more in my neighbourhood especially the elderly that live near me, I discovered I had more time in other areas like self care and was not focused on food alone.

10.Finally, I was worried that I would gain weight . I maintained my weight.

Time to celebrate my achievements and carry them through for next time.

Fasting is prescribed once a year for religious reasons to strengthen your faith and as a Dietitian I do not suggest this method for the sole purpose of weight loss. It is especially not recommended if you are ill -so if you have serious Corona virus symptoms , pregnant, child below puberty age or elderly.

Remember its just as important to eat nutritionally balanced and varied foods and maintain healthy weight during Ramadan as normally. Food and fluids contain essential nutrients to help prevent infections and keep your lung healthy. Drinking low fat milk or having low fat cheese is important part of a balanced diet and there is no evidence to support that you'll produce more mucus unless you have been diagnosed with allergy. If you do find dairy makes mucus stickier make sure you drink water after drinking milk or eating milk products.

Fortified Milk alternatives e. g goat/sheep's milk, rice milk, soya milk, oats milk, coconut milk or almond milk can be taken. If you are making any changes to your food habits however , always consult a state registered health care professional Dietitian first who can help ensure you are getting all nutrients you need .

Sharing my message of peace and good health for all of humanity.

Peace is achieved through understanding .

For Specialized Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby Kabeer SRD HPC


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